Graphic Design

39 Strand

We were tasked with capturing this beautiful 22 Million dollar property in the highly sought after Dana Point area. The client requested Video, Drone, 3D Matterport and a property Website.

Punk Official Branding

Home of Games

Home Of Games is a YouTube channel with nearly 4 million subscribers from producing entertaining gaming content. They reached out to me in search of a full rebrand. Logo design, intro, outro, transition, lower thirds, and a YouTube banner. This project had high energy and a lot of creative freedom on my end, which really helped bring a result the client and I both loved.

Benface Logo

Benoît Rouleau is a web developer with a particular interest in user experience. He prides himself in creating stunning, responsive websites for his clientele and reached out to me interested in creating an approachable design system for his rebrand, benface. The logo design works with the brackets which are often used in the styling of websites on the backend code, CSS. To become personable and reference the fact that it is not a corporation, but an individual, we felt displaying a face would work best. The tongue being represented by the letter 'b' to stand for benface felt like a clever, and approachable decision.

Soar Gaming

SoaR is one of the world’s largest gaming organizations. They have built a strong foundation in the scenes of gaming & YouTube. Currently, they compete in worldwide gaming tournaments and create videos on YouTube that reach audiences all across the world. SoaR has ventured out into several games such as Call of Duty, Smite, CS:GO, Halo, & more. Their social media outlets have accumulated millions of followers.

Pharmastop Branding

Pharmastop came to us wanting a to start there company from the ground up, They came to us with a logo and asked us to build brand packaging, social media content and a website.

TechSmartt Logo Design & Intro

Techsmartt is a popular YouTube brand with over 3 million subscribers. They approached me in search of a rebranding. Their logo consisented of glowing, light blue logomark that needed a more minimalist direction. They were huge fans of the proposed logomark, but a lot of change on their end had soon occured, which resulted in this proposal not going into full production.
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