For Aloha-O Vitamin Water, we crafted a Hawaiian-inspired brand identity, including a tribal pattern and a logo based on a warrior's hook. Our packaging featured reactive cans revealing the pattern when cold. Despite our efforts, the project was shelved and never launched.


Project overview

Aloha-O Vitamin Water sought to create an entire brand from start to finish, aiming for a unique story with deep messaging, island roots, and a strong connection to Hawaiian history. Our team was tasked with developing this brand identity, working closely with local artists and suppliers to bring the vision to life.

Project execution

  1. Concept Development:
    • Collaborated with a local artist to design a stable Hawaiian tribal pattern incorporating family symbols.
    • Researched Hawaiian history and tools to create a meaningful logo.
  2. Logo Creation:
    • Developed a logo inspired by a Hawaiian warrior-themed hook based on the story of Maui.
  3. Packaging Design:
    • Partnered with a bottle company to create reactive cans that reveal the tribal pattern when cold.
  4. Brand Elements:
    • Created additional brand elements for partnerships and branding opportunities, ensuring a cohesive brand identity.

Despite our efforts, the project was shelved by the owners for unknown reasons, and the product never launched on shelves.

Project gallery

Explore the vibrant and culturally rich branding journey of Aloha-O Vitamin Water. From a Hawaiian warrior-themed hook logo to reactive cans revealing tribal patterns when cold, our team crafted a unique identity deeply rooted in Hawaiian history. Although the product never reached the market, the creative process and collaboration with local artists showcased our dedication to authenticity and storytelling. Dive into the gallery to see how we brought Aloha-O Vitamin Water's vision to life.