For Cafe Meow, we developed a vibrant, cat-themed brand with a playful spirit, aiming to delight both cat owners and enthusiasts. Inspired by a charming doodle and featuring an endearing cat mascot, our vision extended beyond the cafe to encompass a full lifestyle brand. Though our plans were set, the project did not move forward, leaving our creative ambitions untapped.

Cafe Meow

Project overview

Cafe Meow blends a whimsical cat-themed design with a vibrant, playful tone aimed at captivating cat owners and enthusiasts alike. Inspired by a playful doodle and featuring a charismatic cat mascot, our goal was to create not just a cafe, but a lifestyle brand rooted in the joy and companionship of feline friends. From the outset, our team envisioned a brand identity that would extend beyond the cafe itself, influencing everything from merchandise to packaging and beyond.

Project execution

Concept Development:Collaborated with graphic artists to translate a charming doodle into a dynamic cat mascot, embodying the cafe's friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Logo Creation: Crafted a logo featuring the endearing cat mascot amidst playful patterns and icons, reflecting the cafe's cheerful ambiance and cat-centric focus.

Design Elements: Implemented vibrant colors and engaging patterns throughout the brand's visual identity, creating a magnetic appeal that draws attention and reinforces the brand's lively spirit.

Brand Expansion: Developed a versatile brand identity capable of extending into merchandise lines, packaging solutions, and various promotional materials, ensuring consistency and recognition across all touchpoints.

Project gallery

Explore the imaginative journey of Cafe Meow, where a simple doodle evolved into a vibrant cat-themed brand. From the playful mascot and lively patterns to the potential of merchandise and packaging, our team captured the essence of feline companionship and community. Though the cafe concept did not materialize, our dedication to crafting a compelling brand identity resonates in every playful detail. Step into our gallery to witness how Cafe Meow's whimsical charm could have brightened spaces and hearts alike.