The challenge was to create a modern and fun dental logo concept in just 2-3 days for an imaginary company. The team wanted to ensure that the logo was simple yet eye-catching and incorporated tooth shapes and a crown.

Crown Dental

Project overview

The challenge was to create a modern and fun logo for Crown Dental, an imaginary company, within 2-3 days. The team aimed to design a simple yet eye-catching logo that incorporated tooth shapes and a crown, reflecting the company's name and brand.

Project execution

The team brainstormed and created 10-20 logo sketches, collaboratively selecting the best design. They focused on integrating the crown and tooth shape in a unique and memorable way while ensuring simplicity and recognizability. The final design was selected for its clever use of these elements, successfully capturing the brand's essence.

Project gallery

Explore our work with Crown Dental, where we crafted a modern and fun logo in just 2-3 days. The logo features a simple yet eye-catching design, cleverly incorporating tooth shapes and a crown to reflect the brand's identity. This project showcases our expertise in creating unique and memorable logos under tight deadlines.