EYESCREAM is an electrifying and captivating horror-themed ice cream brand designed to offer a uniquely chilling experience. Born from the idea of merging horror with ice cream, EYESCREAM delivers delicious treats in a delightfully spooky atmosphere.


Project overview

EYESCREAM is a thrilling and captivating horror-themed ice cream brand that offers a unique and chilling consumer experience. The idea for EYESCREAM was conceived from the desire to blend horror and ice cream, resulting in a brand that combines delicious treats with a spooky ambiance.

Project execution

EYESCREAM's solution for creating a horror-themed ice cream brand with a grungy design has successfully tackled the challenge of standing out on the shelves while maintaining a timeless and year-round appeal. By continuously innovating flavors, curating captivating branding, and implementing immersive marketing strategies, EYESCREAM has become a hauntingly delightful choice for horror enthusiasts and ice cream aficionados alike. With its chilling delights and captivating experiences, EYESCREAM has solidified its position as a memorable and iconic brand in the competitive ice cream market.

Project gallery

To create an unforgettable brand identity, we designed a non-traditional and eye-catching branding concept with ice cream packaging. The packaging took the form of custom-made, coffin-shaped containers adorned with intricate details and spooky illustrations. We also developed enticing flavor names, such as "Blood Red Velvet" and "Cookies & Creamation," to further immerse customers in the horror theme. Additionally, we created brand mockups showcasing the packaging, flavor names, and a captivating logo that captured the essence of EYESCREAM. Together, these elements bring to life the chilling and delicious world of EYESCREAM.