The Keikico media day photoshoot highlighted the warmth and comfort of their blankets with a fun, family-oriented vibe. Featuring a beautiful family and four models, we aimed to showcase Keikico's brand and products in a compelling way. Despite time and budget challenges, the project produced months' worth of stunning content and videos, blending lifestyle photography with revamped product visuals.

Keiki Co Media Day 2024

Project overview

Experience the results of our media day photoshoot for Keikico, where we highlighted the warmth and comfort of their blankets in real-life settings with a beautiful family and individual models. Despite time and budget constraints, our approach delivered months' worth of captivating content and videos, focusing on both lifestyle scenes and enhanced product imagery. Dive into the gallery to see how we brought Keikico's vision to life, capturing the essence of relationships and happiness with their luxurious blankets.

Project execution

Our media day photoshoot for Keikico focused on capturing family, relationships, and happiness while highlighting the comfort and luxury of their lifestyle blankets. Despite time and budget constraints, we meticulously executed a shoot that delivered compelling content and videos. Every detail, from setting arrangement to model direction, was curated to showcase Keikico blankets beautifully. The result: stunning visuals and engaging videos that elevate the brand and resonate with audiences, portraying the blankets as essential elements of cozy living.

Project gallery

Explore the outcomes of our media day photoshoot for Keikico, featuring a captivating family and individual models. Our visuals and videos showcase the cozy comfort of Keikico blankets in everyday moments, emphasizing the brand's commitment to quality and lifestyle enhancement. With revamped product photos highlighting their features, the gallery illustrates how we've elevated Keikico's brand image through creative storytelling and engaging visuals.