The team rebranded a pizza place with minimal client input, creating the name "Peace of Pie," a logo, and promotional assets. The rebranding boosted business and client satisfaction, making the pizza place stand out in the market.

Peace of Pie

Project overview

With limited direction from the client, we rebranded an existing pizza place. We developed the catchy name "Peace of Pie," created a distinctive logo, and designed promotional assets. This new brand identity successfully increased business and client satisfaction, helping the pizza place stand out in a competitive market.

Project execution

The team executed the Peace of Pie rebranding by brainstorming a unique name, designing a memorable logo, and creating versatile promotional assets. These were implemented across various platforms, ensuring a consistent brand presence. The project, completed within a tight timeline, successfully enhanced the pizza place’s market appeal and customer engagement.

Project gallery

Discover our work with Peace of Pie, a rebranded pizza place with a fun and relaxed vibe. We developed a catchy name, created a memorable logo, and designed versatile social media graphics and promotional materials. Our project also included crafting cohesive visual assets that bring the brand to life and implementing the new identity across all customer touchpoints.