SoaR is one of the world’s largest gaming organizations. Looking for a quick refresh, We created a new clean logotype paired with a pattern and more.

Soar Gaming

Project overview

SoaR Gaming, one of the world's largest gaming organizations, sought a brand refresh that would retain the essence of their iconic logo while introducing a clean, modern logotype and an eye-catching pattern. Our designer, Palle St Cyer, led the project, focusing on creating a cohesive and dynamic brand identity that resonated with SoaR's target audience.

Project execution

Our Designer began by studying SoaR's logo, brand, and audience, identifying key elements to retain and enhance. He designed a sleek logotype that preserved the essence of the original, selecting typography and colors that aligned with the brand's personality. Palle also created an eye-catching pattern for various platforms, ensuring brand consistency. The new logotype and pattern were seamlessly integrated into SoaR's branding materials. Feedback from the SoaR team and fans was incorporated to perfect the designs. The refreshed brand increased social media engagement and attracted new followers, solidifying SoaR Gaming's status as a premier organization.

Project gallery

Explore the transformation of SoaR Gaming's brand identity. Our designer, Palle St Cyer, crafted a sleek, modern logotype and an eye-catching pattern that respect the legacy of SoaR's iconic logo while bringing a fresh, dynamic look. These new visual elements have elevated SoaR's brand, boosting engagement and expanding their global reach. Dive into the gallery to see the creative process and final designs that have positioned SoaR Gaming for continued success.