Airborne Aviation

The challenge was to create a unique brand identity for a Hawaii-based helicopter company that does search and rescue and civilian tours. Our team worked closely with the company to understand their requirements and preferences.
Airborne Aviation
2 weeks


Airborne Aviation does search and rescue and civilian tours wanted to establish a unique brand identity that would represent their services and be used for merchandise and more. Being a Hawaii-based company, they were looking for a creative way to design their logo that could showcase the beauty of the island and its unique features.


Our team worked with them to understand their requirements and preferences. We conducted research on the current trends and designs in the aviation industry and identified the elements that could represent the company's services and the island's beauty. We proposed a hand-drawn style of the island, including its mountain range and other unique features. We used the existing colors of their helicopters to create a sense of consistency and cohesion.


The new logo design received a positive response from the helicopter company and its clients. It effectively represented their services and the beauty of the island, making it easily recognizable and memorable. The new logo was utilized for merchandise and other promotional materials, strengthening the company's brand identity. The hand-drawn style of the logo provided a personal touch that resonated with the company's mission of providing personalized services to their clients. At the end they decided they weren't ready to implement the branding strategy.

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