Godzilla Sushi

The Godzilla Sushi branding project combined the iconic image of Godzilla with the spicy and hot sushi offerings of the restaurant. Overcoming challenges in font design and color selection, we crafted a brand featuring a fiery pattern of flames, custom drawn characters, and contrasting colors, resulting in a visually captivating and memorable identity.
Godzilla Sushi
4 Weeks


Font Design and LegibilityWhen developing the branding for Godzilla Sushi, we encountered a challenge with the font design. As the client desired a fire texture for the font, we had to ensure that it remained legible and visually appealing. Balancing the fiery aesthetic while maintaining readability required careful adjustments and iterations to find the perfect blend.


To overcome this challenge, our talented team meticulously crafted the font design, experimenting with various styles and fire textures. Through careful selection and refining, we achieved a balance where the font captured the essence of flames, while maintaining clear legibility. The result was a visually captivating and readable font that perfectly complemented the branding concept.


A Flaming Fusion of Contrasting ColorsThe Godzilla Sushi brand was not only about the fiery pattern of flames but also the client's desire to use only one color. However, we recognized the importance of incorporating contrasting colors to enhance visual impact and create an engaging brand identity. We presented the client with a compelling case for introducing four colors that would add depth, vibrancy, and intrigue to the brand.

🎉 The result was a resounding success! By incorporating the contrasting colors, our brand concept truly came to life. The flames danced off the visual elements, drawing attention and creating a dynamic and energetic brand presence. The combination of the fiery pattern, custom drawn characters, and the added contrast of colors resulted in a visually striking and memorable brand for Godzilla Sushi.

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