KeikiCo Media Day

The media day photoshoot for Keikico, a lifestyle blanket brand, aimed to capture a beautiful family and four individual models. Despite facing constraints of time and budget, the project resulted in months' worth of content and videos. The focus was on capturing lifestyle photos and revamping the product photos for the blankets. Ultimately, the photoshoot yielded stunning visuals and videos, leading to overall success.
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The primary challenges for the media day photoshoot for Keikico were limited time and budget. These constraints posed difficulties in achieving the desired results within the given resources. Additionally, capturing the essence of a beautiful family and individual models while showcasing the brand's blankets in an appealing manner required careful planning and execution.


To overcome the challenges, the team devised a strategic approach. They prioritized lifestyle photos to highlight the warmth and comfort provided by the Keikico blankets. By utilizing efficient time management techniques and optimizing the available resources, the team ensured maximum output within the given constraints. Furthermore, the team focused on revamping the product photos to present the blankets in an enticing manner, emphasizing their features and quality.


The media day photoshoot for Keikico proved to be a resounding success. Despite limited time and budget, the team generated months' worth of content and videos. The carefully planned and executed approach resulted in a collection of breathtaking photos and captivating videos. The lifestyle photos effectively conveyed the brand's values and showcased the blankets in real-life scenarios, enhancing their appeal to potential customers. The revamped product photos successfully highlighted the blankets' features, contributing to an overall improved brand image. Ultimately, the photoshoot not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering outstanding results and leaving a lasting impression on both the brand and its audience.

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