Soar Gaming

SoaR is one of the world’s largest gaming organizations. Looking for a quick refresh, We created a new clean logotype paired with a pattern and more.
Soar Gaming
5 Weeks


SoaR Gaming, one of the world's largest gaming organizations, sought to revitalize their brand identity without losing the essence of their iconic logo. They wanted a new, clean logotype and accompanying pattern that would seamlessly integrate with their existing brand, while also making a fresh visual impact.


Our designer, Palle St Cyer, took on the challenge and devised a brilliant solution. He began by carefully studying SoaR's current logo, brand, and target audience. Palle focused on understanding the key elements of the brand and its core values, as well as identifying aspects that could be enhanced.

He then designed a sleek, modern logotype that maintained the essence of the original SoaR logo. He meticulously chose typography and colors that resonated with the brand's personality, as well as with their target audience. To complement the logotype, Palle created an eye-catching pattern that could be applied across various platforms and media, ensuring brand consistency and recognition.


The newly designed logotype and pattern were met with enthusiasm and appreciation from both the SoaR Gaming team and their global fan base. The refreshed visual elements succeeded in giving SoaR a contemporary and dynamic identity, while still paying homage to their iconic logo. The pattern provided an additional layer of visual interest, increasing the brand's versatility and adaptability.

As a result, the revitalized SoaR brand garnered increased engagement on social media and attracted new eyes. The updated design elements solidified SoaR Gaming's status as a world-class gaming organization, positioning them for continued growth and success.

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