The Loot

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The Loot
2 Weeks


The Loot, the largest adult basketball league in West Los Angeles, approached us for a rebranding of their logo and brand identity. They desired a simple, recognizable, and eye-catching logo that would look great on jerseys and shorts, and convey their stature in the industry. They provided no specific direction for the design, leaving it up to us to find a creative solution that would meet their requirements.


We began by exploring various design inspirations, such as the lines on a basketball and the layout of a basketball court. Eventually, we decided on a unique emblem based on a basketball with a vector shape that separates the words in their brand name while maintaining legibility. This approach combined the essence of the sport with a modern and distinctive design, ensuring that the logo would be easily identifiable and memorable.


Since the rebranding, The Loots has experienced significant growth and now boasts over 100 teams. The new logo has been well-received, and can be seen on every jersey and trophy associated with the league. This successful rebranding not only met the client's expectations but also helped to further solidify The Loots' position as a leading adult basketball league in Los Angeles.

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