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Yasmine Ouaguenouni

Hi I'm Yasmine I shoot a wide range of photo mediums including fashion, e-com, editorial, lifestyle, and product but primarily focus on commercial fashion and swimwear photography. I would love to chat with you and help you curate creative images for your brand.

Recent Works

Sporty Swim W/ Jessica Cavallaro & Cameron Clark

Lifestyle Sporty Swim shoot. The idea was to shoot another fun “Day in the life of beach girls” type of campaign. It was a very much improvised shoot, they both happened to bring white sneakers which is why the shoot is called “Sporty Swim” and I had found a bench so I directed them to pretend to be friends (which they liked each other so it came naturally luckily). And the overall look and feel was to be fun and light.‍

Built to make waves.

I wanted to shoot a very candid type of shoot for a surf company so I connected with TJ who was a local surfer and took some lifestyle surf shots of “A day in the life of” with TJ. I tried to make it into a cohesive storyline like most of my shoots so I had him do his usual routine and captured moments that would appeal to surf brands + other surfers.

Guess Inspired Western Campaign w/Theresa Hooker

This was an improv GUESS brand inspired shoot. Me and Theresa went on an adventure to take swimwear shots initially and with the wardrobe we had in hand I noticed a cliff on the path to the beach and thought it would be an interesting background for a “Cowgirl GUESS campaign.” She fit the look and with some warming up and post processing I was able to achieve something very similar to the GUESS brand look.

Brazil Inspired Fashion Campaign w/ Sena

I sent Sena a moodboard for a brazilain inspired fashion campaign. The colors were very vibrant and we found an amazing spot in LA with vibrant colors as well. I bought a basket and photoshopped some fruits into it to add the overall theme and Sena brought the clothes and we created a fashion story.

Retro Beach Shoot w/Paige Mariah

I booked Paige because she had a very timeless look to her. I decided to shoot a classy retro type swimwear shoot. We had an amazing makeup artist join us and I had Paige do a lot of lifestyle candid posing and some more straightforward fashion shots as well. When I edited the images I went for a warm/golden tone to enhance the overall retro feel of the image and give her skin a nice glow glow :)

My Current Skillset

Canon 5D Mark 4

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